Stallen Training – STim (Skills and Trade Improvement) – provides Capacity Building in support of business development through Vocational Training for middle management and shop floor personnel. STIm offers

      *    upscaling of existing skill levels

      *    tailor made curriculae and modular training courses

      *    improved shopfloor operations through application courses

      *    identification of and teacher training for local training providers
      *    enterpreneur development   
      *    program coordination and program management


STim's clients are businesses operating in newly industrialized countries, technical schools, colleges and technology innovation programs with a capacity building component.

Running a profitable industrial operation requires the availability of a pool of craftsmen suited to the level and quality of operations in (inter-) national trade. In upcoming industries, demand for production-based training at all levels is high.

Based on the companies’ individual training needs, STim upgrades local competencies through tailor made professional training courses. Training is aimed at shop floor workers and middle management (technical) levels. STim organizes and coordinates training leading up to the required competency profiles and ensures transferability of courses.

Together with improving skill levels in-company, training is extended to local training providers outside the factory compound. This ensures a steady flow of trained workers for industrial activities in the sector or region. By doing so, the client company invests in the countries’ overall skill development showing its commitment to the locality.